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Twins party tonight
by posted 06/09/2023

For those who are coming:


Please drop off the boys at BC Park at 6:00 and then meet us up the street at 309 Llandrillo Rd.  They can walk up and meet us whenever they are done.


For food, we are just keeping it simple:  Burgers, dogs, some sides and of course cold beverages.  You are welcome to bring drinks or a dessert or side, but not necessary.  Ending time TBD, but I bet the kids will want to play manhunt after dark, so some time after that.  See you then.



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Game On!!!!!!!!
by posted 06/08/2023

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by posted 06/07/2023



Today's game has been cancelled due to the air quality.

The game is rescheduled for tomorrow at 545 at Ashburn Field.

Same deal:  Coaches will arrive at 430 for pregrame BP.


Lets all pray for rain ---- In Canada.

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Semi-Final Game!!!
by posted 06/06/2023


Twins Fam:

The semi-final game is less than 24 hours away!  Coaches will be at the field at 4:30 for pre-game BP for anyone who wants to get their gametime edge on.  Remember, batting is the hardest endeavor in all of sports.  They give you a round bat; they throw you a round ball; and they ask you to hit it square.

Go Twins!

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Twins team PARTY!!!
by posted 06/03/2023

What a win today - I have coached a lot of these kids over the last few years and I don't think we ever won a playoff game, so thanks to coaches Alan and Ray for actually teaching them how to play baseball!


The next game is Wednesday evening.  Regardless of the outcome of that game, we want to have a team party at our place next Friday, 6/9, for both players and parents.   Unfortunately we don't have a pool, but the boys can play wiffle ball/football/frisbee/whatever else at BC park, and then meet us back at the house (309 Llandrillo).


Alan and Ray will man the grill and the bar, or vice versa, so we'll have food and drinks for everyone.  Please let me know if that evening works for you, and how many parents and kids you might be bringing.




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Game Tomorrow
by posted 06/02/2023


Twin Fam:

As I am sure you all know, our game is now set for tomorrow (Saturday) at 12PM at Ashburn Field.


For anyone who wants to take pre-game BP, I will be arriving at 10:30 AM to throw.  Feel free to arrive at that time for BP unless you are already a lock for hits.  : ) 

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