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A Message from Lucy, Maddy, and Cynthia St. Clair:


Dear LMLL Community,


On behalf of my daughters Lucy and Maddy, we are excited  to announce our partnership with Lower Merion Little League to launch a fundraising campaign in honor of my late husband and former LMLL coach David St. Clair.  The project is focused on raising funds to build two new dugout covers at Manoa Field at Penn Wynne Park.


As an esteemed member of the LMLL coaching staff, Dave contributed his time and his passion to the softball program from 2014 until his untimely passing in 2018.  He was a well-respected coach showing tremendous patience and kindness to his players; taught and encouraged sportsmanship and took pride in watching a player develop throughout the season and created an environment of support and positivity for all the young girls he impacted during his coaching tenure. 

My daughter Maddy, who played for her Dad between ages 7-10, had a front row view to the direct impact he made on the girls he coached.  She shares her thoughts below and I hope you’ll give it a read:


My love for softball wouldn’t be as strong as it is today without my dad’s love for the game. 

I started playing when I was in first grade and, at that age, it is just a fun sport to play with your friends. As I continued playing throughout the years, softball started to mean so much  more to me. My dad coached me every single year and taught me everything I know today. From catching a fly ball to cheering on my teammates to congratulating the other team respectfully, all of my knowledge of the game would not be there without him.


My dad pushed me to work harder and we would practice at home together and these moments were really special.  When I would be goofing off at practice or make silly mistakes in games, I knew my dad would have some stern words for me on the ride home.  But really, those conversations made me work harder at the next practice or help me focus during the next game. The more talks we had, the harder I worked. 


My dad always made learning softball fun while still keeping us all focused and teaching the game.   We would play games and have fun scrimmages with our team and after games, we would get snacks and pizza and share laughs. If you were on my dad’s team, you knew that the dugout was never quiet. My dad always encouraged us to cheer on our teammates and I believe that has allowed me to form really strong bonds with my teammates. We made up silly chants and always had a good time, while still trying to be on our “A” game!


I will never forget the 2018 softball season and The Freedom.  Along with my dad, coach Robin and Coach John helped us win the championship!  He was so happy and proud of all the girls and he made the most awesome slide show to highlight our season.


My dad taught me how to have good sportsmanship while still being happy for yourself and how to keep on going, even if you don’t want to. His laugh and love for the game meant so much to me and I would not be the person I am today without all the skills and lessons I have learned from him.


Please join my mom, sister Lucy and I as we partner with LMLL to raise money to build new dugouts at Penn Wynne Park for our softball teams.  That park was the site of our 2018 Championship game and where I played most of my games  It has a special place in our heart and it would be wonderful for my friends and I, and all the girls of LMLL, to have a dugout where we can form bonds, giggle, root on our teammates and create memories that last a lifetime.


Thanks for reading - now let’s PLAY BALL!



Maddy St. Clair


Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of this project.  We wanted to pick a project that would benefit softball players in years to come and honor Dave’s legacy as a LMLL coach.  We are so very grateful for all the support we have received as a family since Dave’s passing and as I watch our daughter Maddy take the field each season I’m reminded of the lasting impact her dad on her.

And to all the parent volunteers and supporters out there - THANK YOU - you are making a difference!     


Good luck to all the kids this season and have fun!


With gratitude,

Cynthia, Lucy and Maddy St. Clair