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Adam Jordan Spandorfer Memorial Fund

Adam Jordan Spandorfer died on February 7, 2005. He was 11 years old. Adam was a boy who lived life with great energy and enormous love. Two of his favorite activities were summer camp and baseball. Combining these two passions, the idea of Adam's Field to honor his memory was created.

The Adam Jordan Spandorfer Memorial Fund will support the renovation of a baseball field at the Variety Camp, a place where children with disabilities can take part in the many joyous activities of childhood, including baseball. Variety Camp is a part of Variety, the Children's Charity. This organization serves children with special needs in the Delaware Valley. It is located in Worcester Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. (For more information, click on this link http://www.adamsfield.org/

Katie at the Bat

The Katie At The Bat Team is a non-profit (501(c)3) organization dedicated to improving the lives of inner-city youth through enrichment opportunities and educational programs in athletics, literacy, nutrition and health, and the arts.

Consistent with its name, The Katie At The Bat Team, in its start-up phase, focuses on girls sports in Philadelphia.

The Katie At The Bat Team has a vital connection to the children’s book Katie At The Bat, by Lisa S. Hoffstein. This book is a re-write of the classic Casey at the Bat – A Ballad of the Republic Sung in 1888 by Ernest Lawrence Thayer, in which the mythic and mighty Mudville hero Casey devastates the hometown fans with his infamous strikeout and loses the championship game. After more than a century of American lore - telling and retelling the story of this unforgettable moment, Katie at the Bat steps to the plate and reverses history. Katie, a purposely female heroine of undetermined ethnicity, is forced to face her fears and put out her best effort, despite her recent hitting slump and the fans’ lack of confidence. In the modernized book, Katie’s big moment is compared to challenging moments faced by any young person in any stressful situation. In the final tense moments Katie grits her teeth, gives it her best shot and shocks the crowd by winning the game. The moral is clear and straight forward - what matters is believing in yourself and then anything is possible.

This is the underlying message behind every aspect of The Katie At The Bat Team. The mission of the Katie At The Bat Team organization is spelled out in the words and storyline of the book Katie At The Bat. To donate, please visit: http://www.katieatthebatteam.org