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         Brian D. Rosenthal Award

The Brian D. Rosenthal Award was established in 2000 by the Board of Lower Merion Little League (LMLL) to recognize the contributions of Brian D. Rosenthal, founder and former President of LMLL.  Brian, also a former Commissioner of Lower Merion Township, was instrumental in establishing our local affiliation with Little League International and has played an active and leadership role in addressing the youth baseball needs in our township.  Brian, along with others, was also a driving force behind the creation of Ashburn Field in Gladwyne.

Awarded annually since 2000, the Brian D. Rosenthal Award seeks to recognize an individual or organization that has significantly contributed to the continued growth and development of little league baseball and softball in Lower Merion Township.

Brian D. Rosenthal Award Winners:

2000 - Brian Rosenthal
2001 - Lindsay Taylor
2002 - Paul Pillion
2003 - Joe Greitzer
2004 - Chuck Casper
2005 - Michael Saewitz
2006 - Joe Katz
2007 - Arthur Schwartz
2008 - Steve Rosenberg
2009 - Joel Bernbaum
2010 - Larry Bendesky
2011 - Steve Schain
2012 - Jim Brodo

2013 - TC Moore

2014 - Matt Yarczower, Bill Thames and Jackie Fishbein

2015 -

2016 - Mark Patlove

LMLL Scholarship Award

The Board of Lower Merion Little League annually presents an academic scholarship to a resident of Lower Merion Township.  The purpose of the award is to acknowledge a former LM Little Leaguer who has continued to play baseball in high school or some other venue beyond little league (e.g. American Legion) and has also made a significant contribution to the Lower Merion community.  The Board invites the Athletic Directors at Lower Merion and Harriton High Schools, as well as from the private schools situated in the township, to nominate qualified students. The Board also invites members of the Lower Merion community to offer nominations. All nominations shall be submitted to the Board no later than February 15th of each year and the winner shall be introduced at the annual preseason Coaches Dinner, traditionally held in March, before the start of the Spring LMLL season. The winner receives a $2,000 scholarship toward his or her postsecondary education.

2001 - Mike Bomze, Lower Merion High School
2002 - Erik Johannson, Lower Merion High School
2003 - David Moscow, Lower Merion High School
2004 - Isaac Katz, Lower Merion High School
2005 - Sam Strabert, Lower Merion High School
2008 - Matt Bernstein, Friends Central School
2009 - Corey Rogoff, Shipley
2010 - JJ Hoffstein, Lower Merion High School
2011 - Jesse Cohen, Lower Merion High School
2012 - David Schupper, Harriton High School

2013 -

2014 -

2015 - Ben Salzar, Lower Merion High School

2016 - Dan Wilson

LMLL Service Awards

2010 - Mina Fader, Art Valentine, Rich Pezik, and Mark Kocent
2011 - Brad Robinson, Greg Costa, Mike Bershad, Dave Friend

2013 - Don DiLoreto

2014 -

2015 - Ron Pachione

2016 - Ed Seibert