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NEW!  Juniors/Seniors Division

LMLL has had great success running a "Juniors" division historically in the 14 year old age range.  Last Summer/Fall we had 3 teams in a district-wide 11 team league.

WHAT IS NEW is that we decided to host an internal 14-15+ year old league of 4 teams.  Games will be played within Lower Merion Township among kids in the Lower Merion Township/Narberth community.  Historically we've had mixed success with teams from other little leagues regarding competitiveness, scheduling, and sometimes sportsmanship.  An internal 4 team league will allow us to extend the success we've had at Intermediate while allowing 15 year old (even 16 year olds) to participate in a fun and competitive league with balanced teams.

Friend requests can be honored so long as we can maintain balanced teams with relatively equal skills.

Who can play?  The upper most division of LMLL baseball are for boys and girls who are 14 to 15 (some 16 year olds can be accepted too).

How are players assigned to teams?  Coaches will meet ahead of the season and draft players, with our best intention to keep groups of friends together, but no guarantees.

When are pre-season player evaluations?  There may be a player evaluation session for Juniors/Seniors. 

When does the season start and end?  A PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE is loaded on LMLL's website and we do not expect play to conflict with school ball games.

When are games and practices?  Games once per week, either Saturday or Sunday, 1 game generally per week.  We've put together a 10 game schedule and typically there will be 1 practice during the week.

Where are games and practices? Juniors/Senior games are played on regulation sized, 90 ft fields. Play are planned to be internal league only and will be located within lower merion township.

Note that we will still likely be eligible for district tournament play, with age restrictions to match either Juniors Division or Seniors Division external age brackets.

What do we need to bring?  Players need: (1) a baseball glove, (2) water bottle, (3) team baseball cap, and for games (4) his/her team uniform (shirt, baseball pants, socks).    Uniforms and caps are distributed at the first team meeting.  We recommend players wear baseball cleats.  Players cannot wear shorts, as they are taught to slide into the base on close plays.  We encourage players to bring their own favorite baseball bat, batting gloves, and batting helmet (but these are not required).   

When will I learn what team my player will be on?  Parents will be contacted (via email) by the player’s head coach after the player draft is complete in mid-March.  The head coach will provide field schedule information, team name and other players on it, and any additional logistical information.  Please be sure we have your preferred email address when you register online.

Are game rules available?  How long are the games?  Games are seven innings (which takes about 2+ hours, typically).  Score is kept, and team standings are posted on the league web site.  Most rules mirror big-league baseball, but there are some important differences in Little League.  The  most important of these are pitch count regulations, rules regarding player interference/contact designed to ensure player safety, and provisions regarding player absences during playoffs (known as ‘taxi squad’ rules).  In these divisions (AA through Majors) there is a head umpire who adjudicates the rules during a game.  Each division offical game rules are available under the Rules and Regs tab at left.

Do we need to be township residents?  Lower Merion Little League is limited to residents of Lower Merion Township and the Borough of Narberth.

Where can I find additional information?  We have a Frequently Asked Questions page about our Spring Season baseball programs, on the tabs at left.  In addition, general inquires may be directed to the league at support@lmll.org.  Specific  inquiries may be directed to the Division Commissioners, whose names and email addresses are listed on the League Contacts tab at left.