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About LMLL’s Baseball Minors Division

The Baseball Minors Division is an instructional, non-competitive baseball season for players of all abilities.

Eligibility:  For birth dates born on/before August 31, 2016 and on/after August 31, 2015.  Any player can play up to the A Division or down to Rookies, there is a 6 month band so just register directly on the website. 

Any issue with registration? Just email Jeff at Jdgiven@yahoo.com, or Wally at President@lmll.org, we want to get your child on the field :)!!

Who can play?  Players of all abilities are welcome.

Click HERE to Register for Baseball Minors Division for Spring 2023.

When are games and practices?    Teams have one game per week on Saturdays and a few weeknight games during the season (max 1 weeknight game per week).  Times may vary from week to week.  PRELIMINARY game and practice schedules are posted under the Schedule tab at the top of the LMLL home page.  There are practices (at most one team practice per week) usually a weekday evening from 5:45-7:30pm.  The season starts in late March and runs until early June.

Where are games and practices?  Minors Division games and practices are held at several fields in Lower Merion Township; locations vary with each game.  Directions and locations of all baseball fields are provided at the Field Locations link on the tabs at left.  A detailed schedule will also be emailed by your player’s team coach before the season starts in April.

What do you do in practices?  Coaches develop and reinforce the major baseball fundamentals, and begin teaching team plays.  Fundamental include:  proper throwing mechanics, batting stance and hitting fundamentals, fielding skills, above-the-waist catching, and base running.  We emphasize having fun together as a team, learning positive sportsmanship, and developing players’ confidence in their athletic abilities.

How do games work?   

  • The Minors Division is coach pitch.
  • Batter is retired (out) after 6 pitches if no hit.
  • Half-innings end after 3 outs, 6 runs score or full lineup bats.
  • No score is kept

Players receive up to six pitches to put the ball into play; there are no walks.  Defensive fielders make plays, and legitimate fielding outs retire a runner/batter.  Games typically take about an hour and a half.  No score is kept (all games are a tie, :-).  

What do we need to bring?  Players need: (1) a baseball glove, (2) water bottle, (3) team shirt, and (4) team baseball cap.  The team shirt and cap are distributed at the first team meeting.  Players should have baseball pants (sweatpants are acceptable in a pinch).  Do not wear shorts -- players in this division are taught to slide into the base on close plays.  We recommend players wear baseball cleats, but sneakers are acceptable; no Crocs or sandals.  Players are welcome to bring their own baseball bats, but that is by no means necessary.

What about drop offs?   At this age group, each player must have a parent (or other responsible adult, e.g., neighbor, grandparent, nanny, etc.) present for the duration of the practice and game.

When will I learn what team my player will be on?  Parents will be contacted (via email) by the player’s head coach by the middle/third week in March, who will provide field schedule information, team name and other players on it, and any additional logistical information.  Please be sure we have your preferred email address when you register online.

Do we need to be township residents?  Lower Merion Little League is limited to residents of Lower Merion Township and the Borough of Narberth, or non-residents that attend school in Lower Merion Township.

Where can I find additional information?  We have a Frequently Asked Questions page about our Spring Season baseball programs, on the tabs at left.  In addition, general inquires may be directed to the league at president@lmll.org.  Baseball Minors Division  inquiries may be directed to the Minors Division Commissioner, whose name and email address are listed on the League Contacts tab at left.

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