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IMPORTANT! LMLL Safety Protocols:  HERE
See overall league protocols below as well
CORONAVIRUS!  Please report any exposure
or ask any question
Anyone traveling from a high exposure area must
get tested or quarantine for 14 days
Chief Coronavirus Officer Wally Orlov
President@lmll.org   917-886-3555
LMLL Safety Protocols for July/Aug Season:

Key Safety Protocols:


  •  All players, coaches/umpires, spectators and parents practice social distancing as best as possible.

  • Disinfectants (soaps/wipes) would be supplied for every game/practice

  • Any and all players/adults/coaches with any symptoms, feeling sick or high temperature will not be allowed to attend or participate.

  • Anyone with direct exposure to a person that has tested positive for Covid-19 (virus test, not the anti-body test) would need to self-quarantine and not attend/participate for 14 days.

  • Coaches to wear face masks within 6 feet of another person.  Players will not be required to wear masks. All parents and coaches must have masks available to wear at any moment.

  • Umpires stand behind pitcher

  • Players would be separated, limited number of players in dugout and rotated

  • Players use only their own equipment, no sharing

  • No handshakes or high-fives.  Players tip cap to other team at end of each game

  • Baseballs/softballs get rotated in every inning or two, with a sanitary wipe-down of the ball after use

  • No spitting, seeds, gum chewing.  No sharing of water bottles

  • Sufficient time gaps between games to prevent interaction with arriving players for next game

  • No pre-game meeting at home plate between coaches and umpire

  • Spectators (non-aligned family members) sit six feet apart

  • Coaches will serve as the safety officer for the team, unless they would like to appoint an adult to focus on that role (parent, spouse, other person).

The league is available 24/7 to discuss any issues or answer any questions 
you may have
Wally Orlov President@lmll.org  917-886-3555

by posted 01/29/2020

LMLL List of Sponsors!




by posted 12/17/2019
Web Site Sponsorships Now Available

To offset fees and improve fields & playing equipment, Lower Merion Little League offers sponsorship opportunities on our Web site.  You can have your company’s logo or a family banner on our site for only $1,250 per year.  Please contact us at support@lmll.org to learn more.

by posted 01/11/2017
Sponsor Logo List

Peggy Spiegler Melanoma Research Foundation


Armen Chevrolet

Bala Kids Dentistry

C&M Sporting Goods

Merrill Lynch


MLA Claims

LynAnn Mastaj Orthodontics

AFC Urgent Care

Dicks Sporting Goods

Bryn Mawr Mechanical

Steelyard Sports

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