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The first priority of our league is to keep our kids SAFE!!!  CHOP, one of our sponsors, has a few tips below.

Also, it’s really important to familiarize yourself with the LMLL Safety Manual, which can be found HERE and at LMLL.org.

Included are what to do in an emergency, where AED’s are located, etc.  Each team has also been issued a medical kit with bandaids, gauzes, cold packs, etc.

Hopefully you won’t need any of this, but of course as parents we always have to be ready just in case!

Let’s Avoid Injuries!  A Note from CHOP!

The safety of our athletes is our top priority. So, when injuries happen on the field, there’s no better place to turn for pediatric sports medicine and orthopaedic care than our community partner, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). 

CHOP’s Division of Orthopaedics was ranked No. 1 in the nation in U.S. News and World Report’s 2023-24 listing of Best Children’s Hospitals, which means your child can receive best-in-nation orthopaedic care – conveniently close to home in King of Prussia!

Whether your young athlete suffers a mild sprain or a more serious injury, the Middleman Family Pavilion, CHOP’s King of Prussia hospital, offers the full spectrum of care to meet their needs. 

5 tips to prevent sports-related injuries

  • Start slow. Encourage your child to give their body time to build endurance by doing conditioning exercises and gradually working up to longer and more strenuous training sessions.
  • Get a sports physical before the season begins. Annual physicals can detect most issues before they become a problem, and chances are good the physical will confirm your child can safely play sports.
  • Prevent overuse injuries by mixing up the routine. Proper conditioning and cross training can lower the risk of overuse injuries by allowing your child’s body to use different muscle groups while building strength and endurance.
  • Make sure players stay hydrated. Athletes should drink about one cup of water or sports drink every 15 to 20 minutes, before and during sports. Pause or stop playing during high heat/humidity periods.
  • Encourage youth athletes to listen to their bodies. Don’t let them ignore pain and keep playing when their body hurts. Often, sports injuries can be easily treated when caught early; but can become more serious if not addressed promptly.

Check out this “USA Today” article on shin splints that features Naomi Brown, MD, a pediatric sports medicine physician at CHOP who specializes in sports injury prevention, overuse injuries and pain management.

Learn more about CHOP sports medicine and orthopaedics at www.chop.edu/ortho.

Safety Commissioners Katie and Marty!